The Hoffmann Family | Family Session at Bob Woodruff Park in Plano, Texas


I present to you all, The Hoffmann Family. I'm not even sure where to start to share with you all about this wonderful family. It's a funny story actually.

I remember exactly a year ago, that Kevin, Emeri and I were shopping at the cheese section in Walmart and we came across Taryn and Maven. Our little babies were the struck of a conversation and they were so little back then! It just hit off! We made some small talks and since I didn't have any mommy friends yet at the time, I asked for Taryn's phone number. That following next week, we all met at Chuy's (BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER!) and did proper introductions and got to know one another!

I didn't think that Taryn, Mark and Maven would become such a great impact on my little family. We've had numerous play dates and family dates. It's always refreshing when we all got together because having the company of another family with a toddler was nice. My family is far from me, along with my niece and nephew, whereas Kevin's side of the family doesn't have any other children near Emeri's age to play with. Maven is only 6 months older than Emeri, and so we all got to watch them grow together. They're still getting used to playing with one another (haha) but it's still pretty awesome!

When Taryn told me that they would like to have a family session and include Isaiah, who they've been fostering since the end of last year, I was more than happy to gift them this session. Seeing how this experience has made them and their family stronger was uplifting. It takes a great responsibility and selfless heart to take someone in and provide for them. Isaiah is just the sweetest teenage boy that is musically talented. I know that he will go far, as long as he doesn't stop chasing his dreams. It's cliche to say but it's so true. Never stop chasing your dreams!

Our session was so much fun and we had the most gorgeous light after a couple weeks of thunderstorms! It couldn't have been more perfect.

I'm so blessed to have met this family and proudly call them our friends! I hope that these memories captured will forever be in their heart no matter where this road takes them. We love you guys! <3

Fox Isaac | In-home Newborn Lifestyle Session in Allen, TX

Everyone, meet Fox Isaac! He entered this world on March 28th, weighing 7lbs 4oz. He's the cutest little thing ever! I was so excited to meet him and get his portraits taken. You can also check out Tori and Scott's in-home maternity session here

I offer in-home newborn lifestyle sessions for a more relaxed and intimate environment. Being photographed in your own home where you and your baby is already familiar with, is relieving. You don't have to worry about traveling to me, I will travel to you instead! It makes it more convenient for my clients. Also it gives a story-telling of what your life like with a newborn now.

Mister Fox was so great during our session! He LOVED being swaddled and slept pretty much the entire time. Whenever we would un-swaddle him he would start to cry - which was the quietest and raspiest cry. I love crying babies, their cries like baby animals squeaking and it's so stinking adorable! (is it just me? - haha) I swear, I said to Tori so many times that Fox gave me MAJOR baby fever! So enough of my rambling, enjoy all the cuteness!

Tori + Scott | In-Home Maternity Session

Tori & Scott | In-home Maternity | Dallas Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Tori and Scott are the most laid-back and quirkiest people I've by far met! They have been married for 3 years now and have been trying for a baby via IVF for nearly 2.5 years. Having to spend close to $60,000 to have a baby, it was paid off when they finally had joyous news that they are expecting, and it's a boy! It was a long journey filled with patience and excitement that they are now blessed with their miracle baby. 

We had schedule for an in-home maternity portrait session instead of an outdoor because Tori and Scott wasn't the outdoorsy type, which was completely fine with me! I love being able to capture portraits that reflect what my clients likes and what their personalities are. So this was perfect because I had always wanted to do an in-home maternity session as well. I got to know Tori and Scott a little more during their session and you can definitely tell that they are just so in love with one another and having this baby will bring them even more joy and love! I was also able to capture the beginning of what parenthood looks like for Tori and Scott, the before arrival of their sweet baby boy. The excitement, anxiousness, quiet, and cherished moments they are going through together and many more that's to come. 

I loved that they found inspiration from Calvin & Hobbes for their baby's nursery room! It is the cutest and most creative nursery I've ever seen! So with that, Tori and Scott will be naming their baby boy, Fox Isaac! It is such a sweet and unique name. Mom and dad are SO ready for you to be here (I too of course!), and you are already so loved by many!