Cindy + Kevin | Couple Session at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve | Chua Lee Photography


When Cindy and I first talked on the phone to plan for their couple session, I didn't know that we would have so much in common! Not only were we Asian and petite, but both of our partner's names are Kevin AND they both speak Mandarin! Cindy's Kevin is Chinese whereas my Kevin is Taiwanese, there's a huge difference there but the language is similar. I also found out that Cindy and Kevin met each other through a dating app which was too cute because my Kevin and I met each other the same way as well. There was just so many things Cindy and I had in common. I swear we were destined to meet!

When Cindy told me that they had eloped because a wedding (which is next month and still happening!) just wasn't their cup of tea, they wanted to get some portraits taken to celebrate their new journey together. So we planned to have their session done at Arbor Hills. You can never go wrong with Arbor Hills! 

When I first met Cindy and Kevin, they were just the cutest couple ever! Cindy told me prior that she is not great in front of camera and I reassured her that we will start slowly and make our way. It is always my goal to make sure my clients are comfortable before I start shooting crazily away and documenting those intimate moments that I absolutely LOVE! 

As we started getting into our session, Cindy and Kevin's personality came out slowly. I loved the fact that Kevin got comfortable with me and in front of the camera quicker and was so sweet to make sure Cindy would be comfortable just as much. Soon, it was all laughter, sillyness and giggles throughout the session! We had so much fun shooting until the last minute of golden hour and I didn't want it to end. I definitely went home that day gaining a new friend! <3

Cindy + Kevin, 

It would be such an honor to be a part of your wedding day in Washington, D.C., if only I wasn't booked with another wedding already! Even though I'm not able to, I just hope that these photos will be a great gift from me, for the both of you to look back on, and celebrate the start of your marriage together. When y'all come back, we'll definitely have to go out for that dinner date! Lots of love xoxoxo