Fresh 48 | Young Hospital Fresh 48 Session at Baylor Regional Medical Center | Dallas Newborn Lifestyle Photographer


This super sweet Goodall Hospital Fresh 48 session at Baylor Regional Medical Center was such a blessing for me to photograph. The Goodall Hospital Fresh 48 session reminded me the importance of siblings and family. It also reminded me how fast time flies, and how much we need to appreciate the time we spend together, because trust me, it moves quicker than we think. Being a mom myself, I am reminded all the time of how much we have to cherish this time with our precious little ones.

While I spent time with DeAnna and her sweet family, I've forgotten how small and fragile a newborn baby is. How sweet their scent is and how delicate they are. I reminisced to when my little girl was just as small and delicate as DeAnna's newborn daughter, Makenna. Oh how bittersweet it is! I didn't get the opportunity to have a Fresh 48 session with my little girl, nor did DeAnna with her son - so when I received an email from her inquiring about one, I was so excited to help photograph this precious moment for her. 

Austin who is DeAnna's firstborn was so excited to have a new little sister. He wore the cutest big brother shirt and showed it off proudly! He wasn't used to her yet but he was very curious of her and would often peek at her every now and then. I can just tell that he's going to be the best and big protective brother to his little sister Makenna. 

So raw and beautiful parenthood is! Congratulations again to DeAnna & Mark, your family is perfect <3