Downtown Denton Engagement Session | Kristin + Jordan

PROOF (52).jpg

These two right here, I seriously love them so much! Jordan + Kristin are one of the two most wonderful people I've met! Their physical and mental affection for one another is so beyond beautiful and I'm so glad I'm the one who got to capture it.

With all my couples, I try to plan their session to reflect on who they are and what they like. Kristin describes her and Jordan as quirky, fun and book lovers - so I knew I had to incorporate their session in a bookstore somehow! I found this really cute and antique bookstore called Recycled Books, Records and CDS, located downtown Denton. We had so much exploring this unique bookstore! I'd highly recommend checking it out.

Then we moved on to chase the golden hour at Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center, which gave us the perfect light I could have asked for! Their session was so fun, dreamy and absolutely everything. I cannot wait for their whimsical and romantic themed wedding in March! <3


I MEAN COME ON, THEY'RE TOO FREAKING PERFECT! <3 *all the heart eyed emojis*