I'm delighted to have you here visiting my website and checking out my work. My name is Chua and I am a Texas based Fine Art Wedding & Portrait photographer. I serve mainly to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and all surrounding areas. I'm also available to travel!  

My job as your photographer is to capture the essence of who you are and what your story is - whether it is your blissful wedding day, family fun day or celebrating the arrival of your new bundle of joy, my goal is for you to walk away with images full of emotion. I want you to look at your images and feel the connection. Not only do I want you to walk away with beautiful images, but I want to help you turn those images you treasure into beautiful fine art keepsakes where you can proudly display in your home, office and/or pass down for generations to come.




I am a mother to a sweet yet very sassy toddler name Emeri and a loving fiancee to my hard working man Kevin. We love cozy days, playing altogether, and munching on FOOD! I love to travel with my little family, go on adventures, meeting new people and hearing what their journey is or what life has blessed them with. 


  • being a stay at home. Yes, it drives me insane sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • being with a house-wife/fiance to my Kevin! He is the most amazing, supportive and understandable person I've ever met. I could go on and on..!
  • GOD <3
  • MAKE UP <3
  • drinking my tea w/honey on rainy days.
  • dancing, especially with my other half.
  • live music!
  • traveling! I have been to 16/50 states and proudly call Alaska my home (12 years). 
  • God's creations - being one with nature.
  • NATURE! Again, I grew up in Alaska and I've always been an outdoorsy gal.
  • Animals. I have a huge heart for animals, especially elephants and dogs. 
  • binge watching just about any genre of shows that interest me - such as The Office, Grey's Anatomy, BONES, Korean and Chinese soap operas. 

Often times I am asked, "how did you get into photography?" and though I didn't start photographing weddings and portraits until 3 years ago (2014), it started when I was very young. My father would always buy me those disposable cameras that had at least 15 rolls of film inside. Whenever it came down to sending in the film roll to get developed, I would get anxious to see what I've captured, whether it was my family, nature or random things. 
I loved the joy photography had brought to me in the midst of the events I've gone through in my life. It wasn't until I photographed my very first wedding that I experienced a different side to the raw emotions of happiness and love I felt. It was a blissful feeling knowing I helped documented memories that will be preserved and passed down for years to come.  


- Congrats, you're engaged! I am so excited for you and your partner to be starting on the next chapter of your lives together. My hope is to get to know every client, right from the beginning. I'd love to meet up over a cup of coffee to hear about your love story and all the wonderful things your big day will have. I want you to book the best photographer who will meet your needs and this will ensure if we'd be a great fit for one another. 

- My style of photography is a mix of fine art with photojournalism. I love being able to capture portraits that portrays authentic, timeless and intimate moments. Though you will still get the traditional posed photographs, I strive to capture the candid moments in between the moment. These styles will capture and tell your story beautifully. This is a special moment of your life that will be documented and preserve for many years to come. 

- Wedding collections begin at $2,800.
For more details about my wedding collections, please complete the contact form here.